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by Joe Dowley
Club President


Hopefully, as you read this, spring’s sweet breezes are just over the horizon, and the fun of getting out and about in our MGs is beckoning…are you ready?

Winter’s chilling grip is loosening. We did manage some good times, though. Our Club Banquet (our 64th—wow!) on February 2nd was a warm success (see an article and photos elsewhere in this edition of The Spark) and a fitting tribute to Chris and Cheryl Kintner for their incredibly long and illustrious service. Kudos also to Ted and Sharon Whitehouse, and Mark Hanna for all of their efforts to make the Banquet so memorable.

The February Tech Session at Artisan Auto Body was also an event to remember (see the article and photos in this edition). Many thanks to Co-Chair Jim Spurgeon and the Tech Committee for a great inaugural to 2019.

We are following through on the commitment we’ve made to get more of you involved in the Club’s many activities.

-The Hunt Country Classic Car Show Committee has already met twice, and has a good start on planning some new features, including enhanced food and entertainment. We’ve met twice, and have a dozen members involved so far, but it’s not too late to volunteer your talents! (See the nearby list of committees and contacts to volunteer for any of the Club’s committees.)

We want, and need, your energy,
ideas and contributions. So don't
be shy, volunteer!

The New Events Committee has met and committed to at least two never-before-scheduled events this year.  (Please see the article by Ed Johannemann and Alphonso Stewart in this edition of The Spark.)

Rides & Overnights has also made progress: the Winter Romp is scheduled for March 9th. Ruth Arnold, Steve Boyce, Liz Ten Eyck, Jim Lunson and their committee colleagues are looking at some great 2019 destinations and have even discussed plans for a possible 2020 trip to London and Abingdon (home to the MG Car Club) for those who might be interested. Stay tuned, or better yet, get involved! Half the fun is in the planning!

The Tech Sessions Committee is up and running, in fine “nic”, already focusing on its second event of the year.  If you have an idea for the focus of a tech session, please contact Mike Eaton or Jim Spurgeon.

Promotions & Media could use your help: if you have any expertise in the creative use of social media for Club purposes, best use of a website, or can assist us with our ongoing efforts to creatively and effectively “get the word out” regarding the Club and our events, please let us know!

Our other committees, including Braille Rallye, and New Members are just getting started and need your ideas and involvement. Todd Wells and yours truly would also like your thoughts on a charity or charities the Club might assist as we have fun this year.

We want, and need, your energy, ideas and contributions.  So don’t be shy, volunteer!

Since becoming the President I have increasingly become aware of the real affection with which our members regard these great MGs of ours. I see it elsewhere, as well.

At Katie’s Cars & Coffee (every Saturday morning in the Great Falls, Virginia Village Center, 7-9 am) there are often all manner of high-end and exotic vintage and modern vehicles. In fact, on good weather days, there are several million vehicle dollars represented outside the Old Brogue Restaurant. Ferraris and Lamborghinis seemingly abound, alongside Maseratis, Porsches, Teslas and all sorts of prized muscle cars there to show their “stuff.” It never ceases to amaze me, though, to see an MG or two (or three) gathering their own crowds—folks smiling and telling their stories of owning them, riding in them-- or just wanting to--back in the day. The pleasure they take is genuine (“My brother had one…” “That’s what I wanted in high school…” “Drove one for years…” “Met my wife…”). Especially fun is seeing younger folks peering into the engine bay of an MG, in wonderment of the accessibility of it all, if not the simplicity, and asking all manner of questions.

Of course, we already know this: MGs are special. So is our Club.



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