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by Christopher Kintner
Club President


Welcome to a soggy September! This month has been great if you’re a duck or a roofer. We’ve seen roofers hard at work all over our neighborhood as the high-winds and frequent rains have caused all manner of havoc. The Kintner’s weren’t immune to this as we found out we had lost some shingles when a drip appeared in our master bath. Minor repairs seem to have done the trick, as the bath has remained dry through the latest round of showers. If only our roofer was a volunteer!

Speaking of volunteers, have you signed up to help at this year’s Hunt Country Classic? Ken Stepka has sent each of you an invitation to the Sign Up Genius application he set up for this year’s show. It’s a really neat way to sign up to help with specific tasks such as cabin tours, show-field parking, registration, etc. Most of the tasks are set up as one hour positions, but of course you can volunteer for more! Please see Ken Stepka’s call for volunteers elsewhere in this issue of the Spark.

 Right around the corner, on the 15th of September is the Open House & Car Show at Vintage Restorations. John Tokar, the proprietor of Vintage Restorations Ltd. Is not only a member of our Club, he has been Chairman of the Chesapeake Chapter of the MG T Register and Chairman for the Original British Car Day for many years. He is also widely known and respected as running one of the premier restoration facilities in the area. This year, John is celebrating twenty-five years of Vintage Restorations. Let’s help him and his team celebrate by attending this fun and interesting Open House & Car Show. See the flyer for this event elsewhere in your Spark.

The day after the event above is definitely one of my favorite Club events. Charlie Scott will once again be hosting our Test Drive on the 16th of September! This event is always so much fun. It’s a wonderful opportunity to drive similar (no two MGs feel the same) or very different automobiles (Cobra’s are raw fun) in a semi-private area. Please see Charlie’s article in this Spark and plan on being there to share!

I’ll end with one last call for volunteers for our Hunt Country Classic. As they say, many hands make for light work (and a great show). Whether you can volunteer to help or not, please plan on attending the show. It’s your show, a strong presence from our members should be easy and fun.

Cheers and


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