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Membership Director


Our sixth new member joined the club last month and along with a one more renewal and that means (if you are keeping track of my membership math) that our new current membership total is 146.

Tim Reed lives in Washington DC and has a 1974 MGB which he has owned for one year. Architecture and construction are his areas of expertise Tim offers to share with club members so if you want something designed and built let him know. He doesn't identify any needs a member could help him with but we all know that given time... Tim found us via the internet and through our friends at London Auto.

There are still 20 members who let their membership lapse so please check with any of your fellow club members to make sure they have renewed, and if they haven't please encourage them to do so. Along the same lines, if you happen across a fellow MG enthusiast don’t be shy and just ask them if they are a member, and if not encourage them to join. You can download the "car tagging" application form so you can print a few to keep in your car (MG and daily driver) so you can leave a prospective new member a copy and a note if you see their car but not them.

If you have any questions please let me know at





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