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Membership Director


We had three new members join us last month, and not to be beaten by September October brought us four new members - one who joined at the Hunt Country Classic earlier this month and three who joined at the Rockville car show last weekend. Our current membership total is now 160, and we four more months in the membership year.

James Allen either has 3 MG Bs or has had 3 MG Bs and currently has just one … I'm not sure which based on his application, either way a man well infected by this little old British car disease we all seem to have in one strength or another. Anyway he had/has a 1973, 1976 and 1980 model year Bs, lives in Bryans Rd, Maryland as for answers to the questions on the application - areas of expertise to share and need help he answers "whole car." He found us at the Rockville car show.

Farshad Bahari doesn't have an MG at present but found us via the Montgomery County newspaper and also joined us at the Rockville car show, which is also where he lives … Rockville, not the car show.  He could use some help with general knowledge about antique cars like the MG we are going to encourage him to get) and if you have a cyber security issue you need help with Farshad will be the person to go to.

Dennis and Nina Morrison live in Fallston, Maryland and are also well infected with the LBC disease as they have 3 of them. In addition to a 1976 MG B, they have a 1960 TR3A and a 1971 TR6 in their stable. Dennis didn't answer the questions on the application but I would imagine that with 3 LBCs he probably could offer a lot more help than he needs himself. The Morrisons joined us at the Hunt Country Classic this year.

Tom Renda has a 1971 MG BGT he obtained last year and lives in Catonsville, Maryland. He says his estranged wife doesn't like MGs so I guess it's a good thing she's estranged since he got one last year. His answers to the application questions are interesting: the area of expertise he can offer is "Bankruptcy!" but I'm pretty sure that's because he's a lawyer if Mr. Google is right. As for any need a member could help with he says' "psychological," and I suppose that's because he bought a 47 year old MG BGT last year because I know I often feel like that and I haven't bought an LBC in over 10 years.

Please print out a couple of copies of the current car tagging membership form to keep in both your daily driver and your MG so that whenever you are out and about in either and spot an MG you can meet a prospective new member and encourage them to join our club. As I mentioned last month and the month before and the month there are still about 20 members from last year who didn't move out of state, sell their car, or just forgot to renew (but haven't responded to any reminders) as well as a bunch of MG owners who have yet to join our club so, not that you need to be reminded to, keep an eye out for MGs.

If you have any questions please let me know at





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