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MGCCWDCC Logo by Charlie Scott
Membership Director


Our current membership has grown to 151 with the addition of 2 new members and the renewal of another who skipped last year.

David Haines live in Washington DC and has a 1969 MG BGT. He heard about us from his parent who attended an MG event in the Richmond area and met some of our members. I already helped him out with a little information regarding insurance and registration, and car storage because I had it handy. He doesn’t profess to have any expertise to share but as I've said about many other new members … give him time and he will.

Michael Jennison also lives in Washington DC and will soon realize something he's wanted to do for 50 years and that is become the owner of an MG TD. In Michael's case a 1952 he purchased off eBay that he is going to retrieve next weekend. He says he's old enough to have driven all the modern MG models when they were new and he also has an MG TF transmission if anyone is interested or needs one.

I mentioned last month that there were still 20 members who let their membership lapse, and there still are since our renewing member lapsed the year before. Please check with anybody you believe is/was a member to make sure they have renewed, and if they haven't please encourage them to do so. In addition, there are an untold number of people out there who own or are interested in MGs, some of whom have been members of our club in the past and some who have not. For the past several years we have lost almost the same number of members who joined the club and not all of those we lost sold their car, moved to another state, etc.

Along those lines, if you happen across a fellow MG enthusiast don’t be shy and just ask them if they are a member, and if not encourage them to join. You can download the "car tagging" application form so you can print a few to keep in your car (MG and daily driver) so you can leave a prospective new member a copy and a note if you see their car but not them.

If you have any questions please let me know.





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