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Membership Director


Our fourth new member joined the club last month and along with 39 renewals and a status change to "inactive" for 34 2017 members who have yet to renew their membership for 2018 our current membership is 131.

Sean Eaton lives in Manassas, Virginia has owned his 1969 MG BGT for about 20 years. Although he listed neither areas of expertise to share nor anything he needs help with I would imagine that after 20 years of owning a car that is now almost 50 years old he probably has some of both.

When you run into a fellow club member please ask them if they remembered to renew their membership for 2018 … just in case they forgot and my reminder e-mails have been directed to their junk mail folder. Along the same lines, if you happen across a fellow MG enthusiast don’t be shy and just ask them if they are a member, and if not encourage them to join. You can download the "car tagging" application form so you can print a few to keep in your car (MG and daily driver) so you can leave a prospective new member a copy and a note if you see their car but not them.

If you have any questions please let me know at





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