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55th Annual Braille Rallye

Braille Rallye Image 01 This month will mark 55 years of club sponsorship of the Annual Braille Rallye. This popular event will begin at Burke Lake Park, 10:00 am Saturday July 22, 2017. Participating drivers should plan to arrive by 9:00am for event registration and driver briefings; the first car will be released to the rally route at 10:00am. Burke Lake Park is located at 7315 Ox road Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039. This is just south of Fairfax Virginia on Route 123. There will be signs posted near and inside the park to direct participants to the event.

Last year we added a fun feature to the event; a car show with a twist. This year we will be retaining the Best Horn competition. Cars will be judged by our sight impaired participants in three categories. Cars do not have to participate in both events, but participants in either event should note that sight impaired participants and judges may touch the cars either to select a car for the Rallye or to judge them for the show.

Braille Rallye Image 02In addition to the standard Braille Rallye participation, this year we will be encouraging drivers who have not been paired with a sight impaired navigator, to take family members of participants on a "Pleasure Run" around the Rallye route. This will allow participants families to more fully share the experience of the event.

As always we plan to have food, cake, and drinks for the picnic following the Rallye, and of course there will be an awards ceremony. Trophies will be awarded in a number of Braille Rallye classes. But this year we are adding the awarding of "prizes" for the car show in Best Horn competition.

Braille Rallye Image 03Participation in the days events is free as always. So shine up the chrome on that old classic car, put the top down, check the oil and gas, and join us at Burke Lake Park, Saturday July 22. Event registration will begin at 9:00 am; with the first car released to the Rallye course at 10:00 am.

If you plan to attend we would appreciate it if you would send us an email at "". This will allow us to estimate the number of drivers to expect. If we know you are coming and you provide an email contact we can send you additional instructions for entering the park.


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