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Membership Director

Membership Matters

Our thirteenth new member this year brings our membership total to 154. That is still a little down from where we were at this time last year, and in past years but as I’ve said before there is still time for you to tag in new members … just keep your eyes peeled for MGs as you drive to wherever it is you are going.

Samuel duPont lives in NW, Washington DC and has a 1980 MG B he’s owned for less than a year. He does have a Maryland vanity plate that I’ll let him explain to you when you see him. Our friends at London Auto again steered a new MG owner our way – thank you Nick & Co.!! Samuel didn’t answer the questions regarding expertise to offer or needing assistance from another member but as we all know sooner or later he will have both.

We want you to bring new members into the club and exactly how you do that is up to you, but if you have a method that works let me know so I can share it with everyone else. Otherwise, whenever you are out and about keep an eye out for fellow MG enthusiasts, and should you happen across one whilst out and about, try to chase them down (safely, of course) and ask them if they are a member of our club. If they aren’t, invite them to join. Please download a current version of the membership application or the “car tagging” application from our web site so you can leave one whenever you seen a stationary MG and can’t identify the owner. If you are able to speak to the owner you can also direct them to our web site at or to me. Whenever or wherever you come across fellow MG enthusiasts don’t be shy, ask them to join the club.

I passed someone in an MG earlier this month and even though I was in my Prius I am confident I could have caught up with them had it not been for the fact I was going in the opposite direction and by the time I got turned around I had no clue where they went … and it wasn’t the direction I took a chance on.

If you have any questions please let me know at


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