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Membership Director

Membership Matters

We had no new members join the club last month and since our membership year ends February 28th we will end the year with 164 current members. Even though 22 new members joined the club in the past year we ended up with 5 fewer members than we did last year.

That made me wonder, and I’ll bet you did too, how our membership has changed over the last several years. Well, here’s how the numbers stack up with “Total” being the number of current members at the end of the identified membership year and “New” being how many new members joined during that year.

Year Total New Year Total New
2008 193 26 2013 164 25
2009 178 24 2014 166 24
2010 175 11 2015 175 20
2011 165 28 2016 169 23
2012 173 22 2017 164 22

From 2011 through 2015 more new members joined the club than current members left, but in the remaining years the opposite is true – more left than joined. Being that we’re talking numbers, and we all are familiar with the ole saying about figures and liars, you can parse these numbers a bunch of different ways. For example: from 2008 to 2017 we experienced a 15 percent drop in current membership, but if you use 2011 as the starting point the drop was only 0.6 percent.

For the last several years, starting in the April time frame, I’ve harassed the prior year members who did not renew with e-mails every few weeks encouraging them to renew, and I’ll do that again this year. I’ve also targeted those members from the preceding year or two with the same harassment. I can’t really tell you WHY members choose not to renew because for the most part I do not get a response, but when I do it is generally one of the following three: (1) “Thanks for the reminder, I forgot,” (2) “I moved,” or (3) “I sold my MG.”

Over the last 10 years 225 “New” members have joined our club … yes really, 225. On the flip side of that MORE members have not renewed in the same time frame. So, IF you know someone who owns an MG who is not a member, or who used to be a member, please encourage them to join or renew. As always, whenever you are out and about keep an eye out for fellow MG enthusiasts, and should you happen across one whilst out and about, try to chase them down (safely, of course) and ask them if they are a member of our club. If they aren’t, invite them to join. The membership application and car tagging application forms have been updated so please download a current version and get rid of any of the old ones you may have stashed away somewhere.

If you have any questions please let me know at




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