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MGCCWDCC Tech-Session
Spring Tune-Up Wrap-Up

Randy and Zora Schuck hosted our annual hands-on tech session on Saturday 21 April and we had a great turn out of members. Randy’s garage has everything including a lift and cabinets full of photos and memorabilia from his participation in various MG events and. Zora, always the best of hosts of our rag-tag group of MG owners, provided a fantastic selection of breakfast pasties and coffee.

Randy demonstrated the installation of rubber seals to a windshield. As forecasted, Randy made it look easy, and we all had an opportunity to squeeze the seal into the channel of the bottom of the windshield frame. It looked like a straightforward task, a little tedious, requiring hand strength, advanced eye-hand coordination and patience.

Most useful in the demonstration were a few small tricks, learned through experience, which made the installation of the rubber seal into the channel easier. Drilling a small angled hole in the frame to accommodate the presentation of the seal, the use of liquid wrench lubricant and a small tool that resembled an ice pick with a 90-degree angle at the tip was pressed into the seal to force it into the channel.

Randy also confirmed what many of us have found from experience, MGs leak water into the passenger area in rainy driving conditions. This is not a problem as the driver’s left pants leg and the right pants leg of the passenger absorb most of the water.

Randy also gave us a few other tips about fault diagnosis using an 12-foot wire with alligator clips on either end. This wire is useful in electric fault diagnosis of the fuel pump and other electrical components where by-passing the main circuitry may help in the diagnostics. I quickly fashioned two sets, one for the toolbox and one for the car.

Thank you Randy and Zora for opening up your home and garage to us and for the great demonstrations.


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