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Winter Romp - Wrap-Up!

Drivers MeetingOnce again Ted Whitehouse planned an outstanding drive through Maryland’s countryside, including a stunning drive through Frederick Municipal Forest.

We set off from our meeting place with a dozen people, two MGB roadsters, three MGB/GTs, one Bentley and one Jaguar.

We soon set off for our first stop at the Rocky Point Creamery. Everybody wants ice cream when its below freezing out, right? That didn’t slow most of us down, the ice cream is always delicious there. They had hot coffee too!

Caravan at Rocky Point Creamery

28 South RestaurantMost of us continued on through a wonderful drive, eventually ending up in the historic part of Hagerstown where we had lunch at a great restaurant called 28 South. They had a great menu and I can tell you that the crab chowder was amazing. From there we headed our separate ways after having enjoyed a wonderful drive and great food with good friends on a beautiful, sunny day.


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