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MGCCWDCC Logo By Jim Spurgeon

John Twist Tech-Session

A number of months ago, MGCC member Randy Shuck suggested to John Twist in a phone conversation that he might come out sometime for our Hunt Country Classic. Mr. Twist, in turn, suggested that we might organize a tech session on the Saturday prior which would make it a weekend event. After a few phone calls back and forth and a little bit of organization, it was our very special privilege to welcome John for Hunt Country weekend including a Tuning Seminar on Saturday prior to the show.


I doubt there is anybody better known among MG enthusiasts than John Twist. Taking the name from a famous shop in England where he worked for a time, he began University Motors in Grand Rapids, MI and built it into a center of MG repair expertise. He is an MG mechanic extraordinaire, who has provided a wide variety of encouragements and resources to MG enthusiasts world wide. If you Google almost any MG mechanical issue or procedure you will almost certainly find a video featuring John Twist.


With a full complement of 25 enthusiasts on hand, John led us through a complete tune of a 1974 MGBGT. After explaining the basic order of steps and correct procedures, John actually tuned the car including several regular maintenance items as well as some diagnostics. An excellent group of participants brought questions and we had many good interactions with John on a variety of issues and particular problems faced by those working on these cars. One of the great things John brings to such a session is his wide experience not only here in the states, but on the other side "the pond". Like a certain insurance company, he knows a lot of things because he's seen a lot of things. It was a special privilege to listen as he shared a lot of those things. At the conclusion of the seminar, each participant received a certificate as a momento of a very special day together. The seminar was recorded and we expect that a summary video will be available for the club. The pictures here will perhaps tell more of the story. 

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