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MGCCWDCC Logo by Charlie Scott,
Membership Chair

It REALLY is Membership Renewal Time!

The time is NOW to renew your membership, if you haven't already. According to the club's by-laws "Annual dues shall be due and payable on the first day of the fiscal year." The Club’s fiscal and membership year runs from 1 March through 28 February of the following year and that means as you read this your membership has expired … unless you are one of the 33 current 2019 members of the club-- that is MUCH less than the 165 current 2018 members reported elsewhere in this issue. That means 80% (132) of you have yet to renew your membership. Everyone will get the March issue of The Spark but unless you renew before I send our Editor my membership input for the April issue of the The Spark you won’t get the April issue. If you look at the top left corner of page 2 of a recent issue of the newsletter you will see that the suspense for inputs to the Editor is the 15th of the month.

How do you know if your membership is current for the 2019 year you ask? Those of you who receive a paper copy of the newsletter need to look at your mailing label, so I hope you haven’t already thrown out the envelope this month’s issue arrived in because it contains a number sequence that looks something like this: 01-27/R18. Deciphered that means: “01” is the year you joined the Club; “27” is where you stood in the line of new members; “R” stands for renewed; and “18” is the year for which you renewed. So this fictitious member was the 27th person to join the Club in 2001 and renewed for 2018, and needs to send in their dues for 2019 ASAP. If this person had joined the Club in 2018 their label would have a “N18” where “N” stands for “New.”

If you receive The Spark electronically you don’t get a mailing label with that so if you’re one of those and are unsure whether you need to renew or not just drop me a note and I’ll let you know.

You still have time to renew. Before I send my inputs t the Editor next month I’ll send an e-mail to ALL of the members who need to renew for the 2019 membership year reminding you that you haven’t yet and need to soon (i.e., right now, immediately yesterday, etc.).

Now that you know how to break the code on your mailing label, or you receive an e-mail from me, download a current membership application from the website, fill it in and send it with your payment to the Club’s address listed on the form. PLEASE make sure you completely fill out the form so we can make sure our membership database is as current as possible, even if you haven’t moved, changed your e-mail address or phone number, bought another MG or sold one of yours in the last 14 years.  Also please include your car information, or for those of you who have more than one MG, cars, so we can update that part of the database too.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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