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MGCCWDCC Logo By Mark Hanna

Tech-Session: 2017 Visit to
London Auto Services

London Auto ServicesWe enjoyed near perfect weather for our annual visit to London Auto Services in Falls Church. Several members brought their MGs and at least one member left their MGB behind so that Nick and his crew could check out a couple of running issues. Nick Vadala, proprietor of London Auto Services, reminds us at every opportunity, "Get those cars out and drive them - it's the best thing for them!"

London Auto ServicesLondon Auto’s Dave Shillerstrom provided a running analysis of a 1980 MGB LE that looked and ran well, but had a few maintenance issues not uncommon for a 37-year-old car. Dave led us through an assessment of the suspension, shocks and bushings issues that are easily serviced. Dave has a natural and straight up demeanor, his assessment undoubtedly created a long work list for the owner, in the end the owner has a great car that can be quickly brought up to a high-performance standard, without major big-ticket items. The brilliance of Dave’s assessment in a tech session forum is that we all learn about the cause and prevention of mechanical issues including always-helpful tips on servicing our MGs and using the right product or lubricant for the job. Our group of MG owners has its share of very experienced owners and their questions and comments enriched the discussion and furthered our understanding of  our MGs.

London Auto ServicesNick’s team provided our group coffee and donuts and served us grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and beverages and always custom decorated cupcakes with the MG logo. Nick also arranged a raffle of a great selection of merchandise, t-shirts and sample products.

Thanks to Nick and Dave and the team at London Auto Services, and Mike Eaton for arranging the event and to Jim Spurgeon for filling in as MC. Well done all!!



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