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Simply owning an MG can be lots of fun, but sharing that experience with other MG enthusiasts adds a whole new dimension to enjoying your car. The MG has earned a reputation for being honest, straightforward, and forgiving, and the same is often said about MG owners: we tend to be unusually enthusiastic about our cars and naturally enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with other MG owners. MG people have been doing this through clubs all over the world since the first MG Car Club meeting in 1930. This meeting began the long association between the MG Car Company and the MG Car Club, which only ended in 1969, when British Leyland cut its ties with the club.

Over 76 years old, The original MG Car Club today is one of the largest such organizations in the world with over 85 Centres around the globe, of which the Washington, D.C. Centre is one. Additionally, our Club is affiliated with the MG Owners' Club of England. Established in 1973, the MG Owners' Club now counts over 50,000 members, making it the largest, single marque automobile club in the world.

The MG Car Club, Washington, D.C. Centre held its first meeting in October of 1951 and now consists of approximately 200 members. Originally founded as a sub-centre of the Eastern United States Centre (now the MGCC Long Island Centre), the basic idea of the Club was to promote camaraderie and mutual interest among MG owners. In 1954 the sub-centre became a Centre in its own right, and, over the years, has sponsored numerous activities and received its share of awards. One of the oldest traditions is our Braille Rallye, first run in 1963. This event has been copied by many other car clubs, and it remains an MGCC tradition which continues to delight and excite many visually impaired children and young adults who participate in the event.

In 1980, production of the MGs (as we know them) ceased. Although parts availability has not yet become a problem, it has become increasingly difficult to find shops qualified to maintain or repair MGs. One objective of the MGCC is to preserve the marque, through the sharing of technical knowledge, teaching MG owners how to maintain their cars, locating supply sources, and generally lending a hand in order to keep these simple, subtle, and irreplaceable machines on the road.

In 2011, our Club was awarded the Nuffield Challenge Trophy. A prestiguous and historic honor conveyed upon the Club by the parent MG Car Club in the UK. Our Club was also awarded this trophy in 1955. We were also recognized as the Chapter of the Year for 2011, by the North American MGB Register.

Club activities run the gamut from hands-on tech sessions to casual social occasions, with something for anyone who has an interest in MGs. In 1996, the Centre sponsored the first annual Hunt Country Classic, in Middleburg, Virginia. This event has proven to be one of the most popular British Car Shows in the area.

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