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25th Annual

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10 October, 2021

After a great deal of review of public health sources, checking with local and state government authorities, monitoring the national and local course of the coronavirus pandemic, and consulting with fellow British car clubs, the Club’s Board made the hard decision on Saturday not to conduct the Hunt Country Classic British Vehicle Show this year. We did so now because this is when we must make commitments for the Show.

We are especially sad since in 2019 we had one of the most successful Classics in the Club's history and were all looking forward to celebrating with our wonderful host, Barbara Scott, twenty-five years of Classics at her lovely Willoughby Farm. The Board gave this a good long look, including monitoring the varying impact of the virus on localities from week to week. Unfortunately, the more we studied the situation, its uncertainties, and what our challenges would be to insure everyone’s safety and health, the more we were led reluctantly to conclude that the responsible thing to do in 2020 was to forego our premiere event for 2020 and allow us increased time to plan for a Silver Anniversary Classic that we all won’t soon forget.

Stay positive. Stay healthy. Cheers!

Joe Dowley, Club President

A great review of this event appeared at SPEEDVISION.COM, now known as the SPEED CHANNEL. The articles are reproduced at the links below.

This event was also reviewed in the June/July, 2001 issue of BRITISH CAR magazine and the March 2005 and March 2006 issues of CLASSIC MOTORSPORTS magazine (formerly known as BRITISH CAR magazine).

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