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by Joe Dowley
Club President


What can you say when a Club event goes about as well as could be imagined? CONGRATULATIONS! That word belongs to Alphonso Stewart and Ed Johannemann, the New Events Committee and the many Club members who attended the June 29th Armed Forces Retirement Home event. John Kelly covered it very favorably in the Washington Post, (featuring a photo of John Puglisi in his yellow “B”) and we received very nice comments from a variety of others, including the Roadster Factory newsletter and Capital Triumph Register. Far more important, however, were the good feelings left behind with the many veterans who got the opportunity to ride or just sit in some fabulous cars and relive some memories. As Susan Bryham, the Home’s Administrator, said, “I really appreciate the support of the MG Car Club”.

In the future, with the support of members like each of you, we hope to make this an annual event.

As I write this we’re considering postponing the annual Braille Rallye due to intense, dangerous heat conditions predicted for the event day. If as I suspect, we do postpone this wonderful Club tradition, we’ll work to come up with a suitable replacement date—hopefully in cooler weather.

So, the summer months—normally great driving months—are fast moving by. Before we know it, fall will be upon us and, of course, preparations for the Club’s biggest event: the Hunt Country Classic British Car Show. This year, the HCC Committee is focusing on enhancing what is already a great event with some new features aimed at making this year’s Show the best ever. For example, we will have some new musical entertainment (in addition to the bagpipers)--The Stubby Knuckles Trio--to accompany everyone’s car viewing and judging. If you attended Britain on the Green you heard them there. We’ll have new food vendors carefully selected to provide excellent morning and afternoon choices, including homemade ice cream, and, for the first time in a while, a History Tent featuring a presentation by Jim Byers that should be of interest to young and old, alike. There will be new Regalia items for sale, and we’re working on a Youth Judging Contest.

We’re also planning a special live exhibit of an extremely rare pre-war MG that is one of the prized pieces of an award-winning local car collection—a 1933 L-type MG—being made available just for the Show.

1933 L-Type MG

We are making a concerted effort to extend the reach of our publicity for HCC, so as to attract as wide an array of new participants and spectators as possible. As always, our mailing list for October 13th includes folks who’ve recently attended Britain on the Green and The Original British Car Show, as well as all of our membership and others who’ve attended the Hunt Country Classic in recent years. If you haven’t already seen it, we have a lively and news-filled Club Facebook page which features the Show, and the Club’s website is a great place to direct folks who wish to register. We believe that our Show, along with other similar British Car shows, helps sustain the Club’s mission of preserving the MG marque even as we also meet the goal of having a lot of fun. So, make sure you participate, and “talk it up”--the more the merrier!

However, in order to be successful, we also need your help. The Hunt Country Classic can’t succeed without the assistance of about 50 Club volunteers involved both on the day of the Show and the day before. We need help with field preparation and layout (on Saturday Oct. 12th), show field parking, spectator parking, traffic flow, signage, decorations, registration, regalia sales, coordination with food vendors, our musicians, the voting and awards ceremonies, post-show clean-up and even managing the porta-potties! You can volunteer and still have time to enjoy the Show!

So, if you’re planning on attending this year’s Show, please give back just a little by volunteering a portion of your time to make this year’s event our best one ever.

Here is how you do that: get involved with the Hunt Country Classic Committee by emailing me or co-Chair Doug Campbell and letting us know you’d like to help out. We’ll take it from there. We still have meetings of the Committee planned, and lots of unfilled jobs, so you can enjoy working with your fellow members in the run-up to October 13th.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to the Club’s Board for the time and attention they devote each month to making this organization run. It takes a lot of hands to make sure we’re the best MG Club we can be. Many of our Board members have been serving the Club in one capacity or another for years, even decades. We are very fortunate to have their services and their devotion.


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