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by Joe Dowley
Club President


As I write this in mid-February Mother Nature has been pretty gentle with us so far. Let’s hope you’ve been able to get out in your MG for an unexpected spin or two. Of course, by the time this issue of The Spark reaches you, a “snowmageddon” may have befallen us! Such are the exigencies of DC area winters and our Club newsletter production cycle…But, fear not!

“While it is [March], one can taste the
full joys of anticipation. Spring stands
at the gate, with her finger on the latch…”
(With apologies to Patience Strong)

As the weather warms up, the level of activities in our Club will ramp up too! This is an exciting year for us in that we’ll be celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the Hunt Country Classic Vehicle Show. Did you know that every Classic has been held at the same place—Willoughby Farm? Our gracious hosts, Barbara Scott and her late husband Bill, have been fabulous friends to us for a quarter century! And what started as a means for raising much-needed Club revenues while also having fun displaying the best of British motoring history, has become a much-heralded event attracting participants and attention from all over the East Coast.

If you are new to the Club or a grizzled veteran of our events going back to when gas was still leaded, now would be a very good time to join the Hunt Country Classic Committee. Soon (in April) we’ll begin meeting to discuss how we’re going to make our 25th Classic both special and the best ever. We generally meet over lunch at a series of restaurants chosen to “move things around a bit” in our Club’s area. There will likely be five meetings overall before the Show takes place. If the weather is good, it’s fun to bring your MG along to our meetings! In this issue of The Spark you can check out all of the Club’s Committees’ contact info. (Secret: if you want to get in on the ground floor of planning the Silver Jubilee Hunt Country Classic, just email me—so easy!

“If you are new to the Club or a grizzled
veteran of our events going back to
when gas was still leaded, now would
be a very good time to join
the Hunt Country Classic Committee…”

ALL of our committees are worth taking a look at and helping out if you can…joining in will definitely enrich your Club experience.

A couple of other thoughts: First, thanks to Ed Johannemann’s efforts we are improving the quality of our Club logo apparel as well as our Regalia offerings. The Club makes a little income from these sales, but the real purpose of making these improved products available is to help all of us show our enthusiasm for MGs and the enjoyment they bring us through our Club. Please take a look at Ed’s ad in this issue of The Spark.

Second, don’t forget that you’re welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings which are posted on the events calendar in The Spark. We’re making a conscious effort to move the meeting venues around the Club area so everyone gets a chance to attend where it might be more convenient—so look for the location as well as the date (normally, the first Saturday of each month). As we planned for March 7th, some Board meetings will be held just before a “Natter ’N Noggin”—a casual luncheon event just designed to bring Members together.

Ed Johannemann off on a frosty ride in his sweet “B”

As always, we welcome your suggestions for making the Club as much FUN as possible!


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