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MGCCWDCC Logo by Charlie Scott
Membership Director


Three new members joined the club this month to bring our current membership total to 180. I searched the membership records and that number is greater than any year since we had 193 current members in January 2009. The next closest membership total was 178 in January 2010, and from 2011 to 2019 we ranged from 156 (January 2014) to 170 in January 2016. Our new member total to date for 2019 is 29, and that too is a high since I became the Membership Director in 2013 and began tracking new membership numbers. Our low year was 2018 when only 15 new members joined and our previous high years were 2014 & 2015 when 24 members joined.

Jim Redden lives in Rockville, Maryland 1974 MG B he purchased in the late 70s. He says he doesn’t have any expertise to share with other members but I'm sure given his 40 years of MG ownership would yield some if the right question(s) were asked. He learned about our club from another member at a recent car show.

Don and Sally Rosholt live in Arlington, Virginia are currently restoring Sally's original 1966 MG B. They joined the club using one of the applications that is part of the club's trifolds.

Randolph and Leslie Nordby live in North Potomac, Maryland and do not now nor have ever owned an MG … BUT, are looking to buy one in 2020. They found us on-line.

As always, I exhort you to keep an eye out for fellow MG enthusiasts, and should you happen across one whilst out and about ask them if they are a member of our club. If they aren’t, invite them to join.  Please download a current version of the membership application or the “car tagging” application from our web site so you can leave one whenever you seen a stationary MG and can’t identify the owner. If you are able to speak to the owner you can also direct them to our web site at or to me.

If you have any questions please let me know.



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