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Membership Director


We now have 160 current members in our club. We had three members renew since last report, one who last renewed in 2002, and three new members join. I didn’t misspell anyone's name in last month's article -- at least no one told me I did so I'm assuming I didn’t -- so no apologies on that front. So far this year we've welcomed 12 new members to the club and I can only hope we keep up that pace through the remainder of the membership year.

Petra De Bruxelles and Peter Lucien live in Great Falls, Virginia and have a 1958 MG A they've owned for about a year. Petra identifies no expertise to offer nor need of assistance, but as we all know from experience … give it time. They found us courtesy of Mr. Google.

Mary Claire and Thomas Salander live in Arlington, Virginia. They do not currently have an MG but are looking for a B GT. Alas there is only a parts car B GT listed in our classified, but if any of you readers know someone who is looking to part with their B GT let me know and I'll relay the information to Mary Clair & Thomas.

Douglas and Deanna Wolfire have owned their 1967 MG B for two years and live in Washington DC. If you need help with "anything mechanical, electrical or hydraulic" Douglas is your man. At the same time they are looking for storage space so if you have an extra space in your garage let me know.

We want you to bring new members into the club and exactly how you do so is up to you, but if you have a method that works let me know so I can share it with everyone else. Also, just in case you were wondering or worried, it isn’t necessary for you to sell one of your MGs in order to get a new member to join, in fact I would suggest buying another MG rather than selling yours. Whenever you are out and about keep an eye out for fellow MG enthusiasts, and should you happen across one whilst out and about, try to chase them down (safely, of course) and ask them if they are a member of our club. If they aren’t, invite them to join. Please download a current version of the membership application or the “car tagging” application from our web site so you can leave one whenever you seen a stationary MG and can’t identify the owner. If you are able to speak to the owner you can also direct them to our web site at or to me. Whenever or wherever you come across fellow MG enthusiasts don’t be shy, ask them to join the club.

If you have any questions please let me know.



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