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MGCCWDCC Logo by John Puglisi

MGCCWDCC 2019 Turkey Rallye,
Membership Meeting & Annual Elections

Two notable things happen each and every November. One is Thanksgiving; the other is your MG Car Club’s annual Turkey Rallye. This year’s Turkey Rallye on Saturday, November 23rd was a great prelude to Turkey Day.

We had a crisp and sunny Fall weather for the six cars that competed. Drivers and navigators were provided a set of instructions with semi-clever clues and questionable questions that transpire over an idylic set course of beautiful country roads in Vienna and Great Falls. Winners were determined based on three factors: (1) Time – coming as close as possible to the optimal, perfect time (as determined by the Rallye-Master); (2) Distance – coming as close as possible to the actual course mileage (again, as determined by your Rallye-Master); and (3) Answers to Questions – involving answers to a series of route-related questions developed by the Rallye-Master.

All roads (eventually) led to a very nice Natter & Noggin luncheon at Katie’s Coffee House which is connected to The Old Brogue Pub in Great Falls, VA. Rallye winners were announced during the luncheon. The four rallye teams which were closest to the ideal score compiled based on the three factors above each received a freshly baked pie. The winning teams were: #1 Ken and Karen Stepka, #2 Joe Dowley and his granddaughter Charlotte, #3 Mary Clair and Thomas Salander, and #4 Carl and Patricia Kratzer. Following the lunch and the rallye awards, the club conducted a short business meeting that concluded with the election of officers for the 2020 term.

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