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Get the Alcohol Out!

Watching You tube has advantages. I was just searching for some interesting vids when I came across one about getting the alcohol out of gasoline. Having had a 1926 and 1938 Buick it was always a pain either finding alcohol free gas or putting additives in to keep the problems down with older engines.

Once I found the first You Tube video I was sent to many others. Most were home made contraptions used for small engines but one was advertising a professionally made unit. Here is how the process works.

Since alcohol will mix with water (there is a fancy word for that but I forget it) once water is added to 10% ethanol gas they mix together and separate from the pure gas. If you add some food dye to the gas/water/ethanol concoction, you can drain off the water and ethanol and actually see when it is all out of the gas. Some videos showed guys using 1 gallon clear containers while others used 10 gallon containers. Once mixed there was a period of from 30 minutes to two hours to overnight that was the suggested waiting time for all the water and ethanol to separate from the gas. It looked to me like a few hours was all that was needed.

The mechanics of this process can be as simple as a glass jug with a small hose held up while everything is mixed and allowed to settle and then turned over to drain out the water and dye mix. In the 10 gallon version he had a drain valve on the bottom of the container and simply watched until the dyed liquid stopped draining out.

The commercial version is called the Ethanator. So if you have an older MG or just want some good gas for small engines go to You Tube and put in the key words “ethanol-gas separation” or something like that and see how easy this is.

I wish I knew about this years ago.


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