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"Screech" and Other Fun

Although we here at the Club would like to think we have the corner on all things “MG fun”, the truth is that in our area there are many unique and exciting things to do that involve getting out and about in our little British cars.

“Screech loves MGs!”

For example, Nationals’ centerfielder Adam Eaton held his annual Rev Up the Park charity event at Nationals Park on July 27th. It was a great chance to see the Park before it opens, meet some ballplayers, and enjoy bunches of great rides arrayed for all to see.

About 200 cars & Nats Centerfielder Adam Eaton, too!

The event gives new meaning to the 7th inning stretch’s immortal song “Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the Park” because it means driving your MG there…The charity, by the way, is the Dragonfly Foundation supporting pediatric cancer families and patients and hosted by the Nats’ Dream Foundation and Adam Eaton.

Another great outing, and one which happens nearly every weekend all year round, is Katie’s Cars & Coffee at Great Falls, Virginia’s Village Center. Every Saturday morning 7-9 am (early birds arrive at 5:30 am for the best spots!) in good weather, and sometimes in not so good weather, up to 325 cars assemble in front of and around what many of you know to be The Old Brogue Pub, site of many MGCCWDCC memories. This is an event at which many clubs find a way to meet up for breakfast, or maybe just coffee, before heading out to other adventures. The best part, except for the coffee ($2) the event is free…

Katie’s Cars & Coffee is always a good time!

These are only two examples of fun things to do. Mark Hanna, our Club’s Activities Director, always includes interesting non-MGCCWDCC events on the Spark calendar, and you can easily find fun events online just by Googling “car events near me”. Our Club Facebook Page is another place to find fellow members discussing outstanding events, like June’s American Horticultural Society’s car event at Ft. Hunt Park. The point is, make an effort to get out and enjoy driving that special car of yours—what are you waiting for?

By the way, should you be interested in organizing a Club drive to Katie’s Cars & Coffee some Saturday this fall, just contact Mark Hanna. It need not be much more than just posting a notice and “talking it up”.

Another fine Saturday morning at Katie’s Cars & Coffee!

(Editor’s note: If you know of, or participate in other area Cars & Coffee events. Please consider writing an article for the Spark to tell us about it.)



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