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Regalia MGCCWDCC Logo Ed Johannemann

Club Regalia

Our club logo is the nicest I have seen. That includes my Buick Club, Corvette Club and AACA Club logos. I volunteered about two months ago to take the regalia spot and have become very educated on what this entails. After much searching and taking into account varying points of view it was collectively decided that the club would purchase shirts and hats from Lands End. Their fare is high quality and once we paid for the logo set up members could order directly even they want just one of an item. I presently have 10 shirts in black with our logo. We will have 50 black hats by June 25th.

From 4 Imprint I ordered, and have received, three table throws with 2’ diameter logos to be used at any shows we participate in.

From a company named Steel Berry we have 20 magnetic signs for mounting on either the bonnet of your car or the doors or just to decorate your man/woman cave garage (Note Ruthie and Jenn I did not forget you guys).

The shirts have our club logo. The hats have the Hunt Country Logo. We are still working with Lands End on a hat. Our logo is too big for hats. They have a limit on the size of the lettering and our standard logo will not fit. Likely we will end up with an MG logo and our club name under it. By the time this is published we may have that issue solved.

If you have any questions please contact Ed Johannemann.


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