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Hunt Country Classic
MGCCWDCC Logo  By Joe Dowley

An MG History Event

At this year’s Hunt Country British Classic Car Show (Sunday, October 13th, Willoughby Farm, 7397 Frogtown Road, Marshall, VA 20115) we’re offering attendees a chance to both see and hear a bit of the history of MGs, and our Club.

1928—nine decades ago--was the year in which William R. Morris (Lord Nuffield) who established Morris Garages, along with Cecil Kimber, his General Manager who’d overseen racing innovations to Morris vehicles in his own Oxford workshop for years, decided to establish a separate new business—the M.G. Car Company—within the Nuffield Group of Industries. Thus began the famous octagonal marque and the illustrious automotive and racing history which we celebrate to this day.

Jim Byers, our Club Historian, is taking on the task of putting our Club’s story within the context of the MG story. Our “MG History Tent” will be a place for visitors to browse many photographs from MG’s early start in Abingdon, its intrusion into the top echelons of European racing, its complete dedication to producing tanks and other armaments during the Second World War—an era which introduced American G.I.’s to British sports cars--to the fantastic post-war period of recovery and history-making importation to the U.S. and the world. Jim will be there to talk about our Club’s beginnings (1951!), and how our activities over the years have mirrored the automotive world’s excitement and passion for the MG marque.

If you would like to be a part of this effort, either by lending posters, photos, memorabilia or by volunteering to help Jim as a host in the History Tent, or both, please let Jim know. We would greatly appreciate your participation.


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