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Ye Olde Rusty Bolts

by Dave Michel


The bane of most of us who do our own work on our MGs is the rusty bolt. Ah, you say! Just what I wanted to read about on this web page! Unfortunately, the sad tale of the rusty bolt may be just the 'straw that breaks the camel's back' when the time comes for us to perform work on our own cars. And, it may be the end of a beautiful relationship (or the elimination of even a beginning) when a restoration is considered.

Recently, an industrial product has come to my attention which claimed to provide a greatly enhanced level of assistance in the disassembly of the rusty bolt. Being greatly intrigued, but skeptical, I decided to put the product to the acid test during a recent MGB disassembly. Just how good is this stuff (particularly when compared with the usual lubricants specifically marketed for such tasks)?

In a word, SUPER! Much to my amazement, the product performed as advertised in all but the most firmly rusted (i.e., completely bonded) bolts. The penetration capability of this stuff is nothing short of incredible. Simply apply one spray, wait a short time to permit the penetrating action to occur, then easily disassemble each individual bolt/nut combination. No severe arm-wrenching wrenching required. I'm a TOUGH sell on these sorts of things, but, in this case, I'M SOLD! This stuff makes what was once a tough job very easy! O.K., you ask, just what is this 'stuff?' And how can I get my hands on some?

The name of the product is "Blaster PB Penetrating Catalyst" produced by the William K. Westley Chemical Co. in Ohio. Getting your hands on the stuff has been a problem because it is primarily sold only through industrial suppliers in large (55 gal. drum) lots. However, I have learned that the product is also packaged in user-friendly 16 oz. aerosol cans. These seem to be available locally only in case (12 can) lots. If there is sufficient interest in such a purchase, I may be able to arrange for a case purchase.


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