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How to Order Club Regalia from Lands’ End
NOTE: You need to CALL to place order — you cannot order online.

  1. The only items available for embroidery with the club logo are those found in the Lands’ End Business Catalog at
  2. Identify the items (by number) you want to order.
  3. Call Lands’ End at (800) 338-2000.
  4. Provide customer number 3234579.
  5. 1615437 is the logo number for hats. The cost is an additional $6.95 per hat.
  6. 1615110 is the logo number for clothing items. The cost is an additional $11.95 per item. 

NOTE: If you have a discount / promotion code (e.g., free shipping) you MUST provide that to the customer service representative — it will NOT automatically be added to your order.

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