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Bealeton Vintage Cars & Vintage Planes - October 15, 2023

MG Wiring Clinic - July 22, 2023

Several folks turned out at the Great Falls Library for a clinic on MG wiring.  Alphonso and Eric presented a lot of practical tips on basic theory, troubleshooting, and common problems with old wiring, and connectors. We had a full harness out of a running ’79 MGB, and were able to show a lot of specific problems typical in these old harnesses, including the deterioration of the wire, insulation, connectors, etc. We did a lot of interactive demos with a battery and various bulbs both LED, and regular bulbs. This featured a lot of troubleshooting tips with multimeters, test lights, and even just scraps of wire. We covered a lot of basics in how to read a schematic of a car, wire color codes, and test tips. Alphonso had a nice tabletop demonstration of his modifications to create an in-gauge oil pressure failure light, as well as tips on modifying a gauge, connecting dash warnings. We also spent some time demonstrating how points and electronic ignition modules work, and had some live demos of troubleshooting those parts. 

Club Detailing Day - June 17, 2023

Originally scheduled for April, but postponed due to weather, we were finally able to free up some time for this popular annual event hosted by Ed Johannemann at his home near Mount Vernon. It turned out that one of the last days of spring provided us with perfect weather for detailing our beloved vehicles. There were some clouds, temperatures in the 70s, low humidity and a refreshing breeze.

Detailing @ Eds

British Car Day - June 4th 2023

Below are a just a small sample of photos from our wonderful day at Lilypons. If you have any additional photos you’d like to post, please send them to


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