Tech Tips


The Tech-Committee has a collection of tools suitable for repair and maintenance of our MGs. These tools are regularly used or are available at our Tech-Sessions. They are also available for “check out” by the membership. Should you like to borrow one or more of them, contact Jim Spurgeon. Members may find Jim’s contact information in their issue of The Spark.

These items are lent at no charge to members, on a hand receipt. They Include:

Compression Tester (SunPro)

  • DC Power Timing Light (SunPro)
  • Engine Hoist (heavy-duty)
  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer (Gunson)
  • Fault Diagnosis Svc Manual (Lucas)
  • Grease gun (LubriMatic)
  • Heavy Duty Gear Puller
  • MGB/C Diff Drain Plug Wrench
  • Multi-carb synchronizer (Uni-Syn)
  • Snap Tool (not for lift-a dot)
  • SU Carb Videotape (for H, HS, HD, HIF)
  • Tach/Dwell/Voltmeter (Craftsman)
  • Technical Booklet (University Motors, Ltd.)
  • Drink Cooler

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