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MGB Manual Non-overdrive transmission

This is a working MGB manual transmission I removed from my car. It’s only issue was that it was occasionally popping out of third during hard deceleration. I think this

MGB Rostyle Rim with tire

This is a great condition Rostyle rim that I refurbished with factory colors. I even bought the stencil/templates to do the inner black areas with minimal overspray. I was using


MGB Steel Door Outer Sill panel

This is a stamped replacement panel to simplify repairs of rusted areas below the door in the outer sill. This panel matches the contour of the car, and you usually


MG Aluminum Fender Bead strip

Another piece of unobtanium. I have about 30″ piece of new aluminum fender bead. This is the t-shaped bead that sits between the fenders and the cowl in front, and


MGB Whole Rear Body Valence

This is a rare one-piece whole-of-the-back-of-the-car rear valence. This is an original NEW British Motor Heritage stamped metal panel. It’s never been used or abused. If your car has ANY


Rubber Bumper MGB Fan Shield grill

I’ve seen a lot of MGB’s that have lost these over the years. This one has some surface rust, but it’s solid and could easily be restored. It fits over